Why Karate?

Find out why karate is good for you.

Physical Wellness

Karate is a great workout that can improve your flexibility, coordination, stamina, power, speed, and overall athleticism. Moreover, it not only provides a cardio workout for those who aims to lose weight but also helps tone your body making you lean as you slim down.

Mental Wellness

Karate training improves one’s focus, concentration, and perseverance, which makes it great for both adults in the workplace or kids in school. Meditation during training also helps in relieving stress, and harboring peace of mind.

Self Defense

Our training programs are designed not only to keep you fit but also to increase your awareness of your surroundings and equip you with self defense techniques that you can trust in life or death situations.

Great for all ages

Though karate training is usually done in groups or classes, its aim is always the individual growth of each student. Karate practitioners range from kids as young as 4 and as old as 75 (or even older!).

About Us

KDA is the largest and leading Karate education provider in the Philippines
At KDA, we make excellence a habit.

With over 70 blackbelts and at least 15 dojos in the Philippines, UK, and New Zealand, KDA is one of the most trusted karate schools in the country. We are recognized by the Philippine Karatedo Federation and the International Shotokan Karatedo Federation. Most of our blackbelts are bemedalled national athletes and coaches and all instructors undergo continuous training to ensure that only the best training is provided to our students.

  • Experienced and continuously trained.

  • in the Philippines, UK, and New Zealand.

  • A proud member of the Philippine Karate Federation (NSA).

  • A proud member of the International Shotokan Karate Federation

Our blackbelts

KDA takes pride in its blackbelts as they are achievers not only on the mat but in life as well.

National Athletes

Going the extra mile.
Most of our blackbelts are either former or current national athletes, who have been chosen to represent the country in international competitions because of their outstanding karate prowess.

Exceptional Instructors

Only the best, nothing less.
Our blackbelts undergo continuous training to ensure that we provide the latest technologies in karate to our students.

Champions in life

Excellent even outside the dojo.
Aside from passionate karatekas, KDA is also a mix of engineers, doctors, businessmen, architects, and more.

The KDA Training Program

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